Unit 1- Near Salem,Tamilnadu Milk Powder Plant(30 MT/DAY)


The Company

"SKA Dairy Foods  India  Private Limited, commenced its production during the Year 2010, is the Brainchild of 7 Directors with handful of experience in dairy Industry since the year 1975.  The company is one among the leading dairy industry in South India with Milk and Milk Products marketed under the Brand 'ARJUNA', . The growth from 4lakh liters per day to 7lakh liters per day handling capacity (Second highest among Private Dairies in Tamilnadu) in a span of 5years shows that the Brand 'ARJUNA' is trustworthy.


Unit 2- Near Hosur,Tamilnadu Milk Powder Plant (35 MT/DAY)


Our Mission

Our mission is to supply quality milk and milk products to the consumers at reasonable price.We do this by applying stringent quality control measures at every point of Milk flow from Cow to Cup, processing with state of art technology and maximizing utilization of resources directed towards cost control measures. We constantly strive to achieve consumers delight by supplying products that are safe, healthy and nutritious.


The Team

 The team of consists of technically qualified staff with Masters in the respective field backed by professional experience, supported by 300 employees.


Social Responsibility

- Providing Job opportunity for 400 persons.

- Providing business opportunity for around

  1200 farmers.

- Keeping the nearby lands greenish & non-

  polluted area.

- Proper Road facilities.

- Doing welfare activities in around the area

  of operations


Our Motto

    "We should grow to that extent of leading this industry in future"